• The arrival of Spring and Seed libraries

    The arrival of Spring and Seed libraries

    Yes, we are expecting snow & rain later today. However, I do think that we have officially made it through winter! While I have given up on having a cute garden in our backyard because our 80lbs dog still has the zoomies and enjoys digging too much, I thought it was the perfect moment to…

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  • Starting 2023 with more things to know about our city!

    I’m back! I took the last few months to: I’ve got a few things to share since then. Remember Montreal Indoor Pools? I feel that as we get older and get used to paying for everything, we forget about the services that our city offers for free. You don’t always have to go to the spa (I love…

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  • Free Contemporary Art in Montreal

    Quitting my startup job last month definitely pushes me to be more mindful of spending money until I figure out what I want to do next. Whenever I have free time, I remember how much I enjoy visiting museums to take in the beautiful art made available to us. Every first Sunday of the month,…

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