Seattle in 36 Hours

March 6, 2018 (6y ago)

Hi loves! I've been travelling South East Asia for the past five weeks which is my way to explain why I've been so quiet on the blog ;) I felt it was time for a new travel post about a city I really wanted to see for a long time: Seattle!

Considering how high the prices were during August, I wasn't able to spend more than two nights in the city. I did feel satisfied with what I got to see knowing I would be back, especially after watching this video!

Here are five places I visited and loved:

1) Storyville Coffee

I started my day in this beautiful coffee shop [it's a Seattle chain] steps away from Pike Place Market. The Americano was solid and I can always appreciate a place that has sparkling water on tap.

2) Pike Place Market

Of course, I had to visit the famous market right after. I was expecting to eat tons of food in the main area but it wasn't before I crossed the street that I found exciting counters. I ended up going for a tasting of five different chowders 🙌

3) Rachel's Ginger Beer

I rarely go for sugary drinks but this place was the bomb. The whole branding and colourful wall with all the different flavours got me so excited. Definitely, a place to stop by for a drink!

4) Pressed Juicery

It was my first time in a Pressed Juicery location and even if the service was rude (ugh, teenagers), it was so good! I always wanted to try their soft-serve mix of fruits, nuts & vegetables. I tried the matcha flavour topped with almond butter and a few more goodies.

5) Garage

After grabbing some vegan pizza at Sizzle Pie, I decided to go at Garage to play pool. I've really been enjoying incorporating activities into my trips lately, which gives you a chance to meet locals and most importantly, get away from tourists.


On my first night, I also had a great meal at Capitol Cider, a gluten-free pub! If you're in town for a while or want to bring back cool food products, I would also stop by Central Co-op.