The arrival of Spring and Seed libraries



Yes, we are expecting snow & rain later today. However, I do think that we have officially made it through winter!

While I have given up on having a cute garden in our backyard because our 80lbs dog still has the zoomies and enjoys digging too much, I thought it was the perfect moment to talk about seed libraries.

Seeds for the gardeners

There’s this excitement about starting to grow things around February and March. The first reflex is to shop for seeds online or at one of the stores carrying seeds. Or maybe you attended the yearly Fête des semences?

I realize that very few people know that some of our public libraries actually offer free seedsIt’s a fantastic program that I highly recommend you check out in your neighbourhood. In my area, it’s happening through La grainothèque and it gives me the chance to get up to 16 kinds of seed for the year over a month!

I also noticed Santropol might offer a similar library, but it wasn’t clear if it’s still active.

Growing the right thing

What I find super interesting about using seeds offered through those libraries is that you can discover rare native types and help keep them alive by growing more produce, plants and flowers.

I believe the city also makes an effort in offering seeds for flowers that attract pollinators including monarch butterflies and bees.

I encourage you to check out your local library or the one that offers a seed library closest to you! I’d love to know what you find.

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