Web Consulting / Development

I have been working as a senior front-end developer since 2005, after graduating with a technical degree in software programming.

Although I started with a background meant to support projects as a back-end developer, my heart took me down a different path towards HTML, CSS & Javascript.

That experience wasn’t left behind, however, as I continue to program CMS functionalities for platforms such as WordPress. It also gave me the chance to work in sync with any type of developer.

Over the years, I also started consulting for smaller brands and companies, helping them lead a successful project from the UX vision to communicating their needs clearly to a bigger agency.

I provide an array of specific services on top of general front-end development.


I help clients communicate their needs and goals clearly to Marketing agencies taking over the development of their project. With my ability to speak tech as a developer and my years working in top Montreal agencies, I make sure things go right on both sides for a successful & positive project. In the end, the project manager will have an optimized understanding of the product they receive.

Team Leading

Have a team of front-end developers but no senior role to lead your startup project? I can come in for the necessary time and set up work standards that will be taught to your employees so they can take over either after a beta or full launch.

CMS Theme Creation

Looking to stand out with a custom theme on platforms such as Shopify or WordPress? I can base myself on a few mockups and make your new theme look exactly the way you want it.


My first job coming out of college in 2005 was to send out bi-weekly newsletters to 1 million subscribers for Future Shop and Best Buy. Needless to say, I get how newsletters work and what type of coding is necessary to achieve mobile-friendly emails. Over the past year, I’ve been helping out top brands switching their static newsletters to responsive layouts and CRM-advanced campaigns.

Clients I’ve Collaborated With