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  • My Top Places To Visit in Tulum, Mexico

    My Top Places To Visit in Tulum, Mexico

    I traveled to Tulum back in January for four weeks. It wasn’t my first time going to Mexico, which I love and find quite similar to Morocco, but it was my first attempt for remote work.By booking an apartment for a full month, it was the perfect way to learn about Tulum which is made […]

  • Digital Nomad Guide: Tulum, Mexico

    Digital Nomad Guide: Tulum, Mexico

    I’m happy to publish my second digital nomad guide today after spending one month in Tulum, Mexico! If you missed my previous one, click here to read about Berlin, Germany. This time, I traveled with my partner which helped lower costs on top of having a great time discovering the area together! When needed, you […]

  • Verana in Yelapa, Mexico

    I was lucky enough to leave for Mexico for the holidays that just passed. This is where I stayed: Verana is located in Yelapa, Mexico which is about one hour from Puerto Vallarta. You can actually see the city from the other side. The concept of this five star boutique hotel is to mix contemporary […]