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  • Last day in Tokyo

    Day 9 Ramen with spicy miso base in Shibuya Pork Dumplings in Shibuya Ebi (shrimp) burger at McDonalds Conclusion Tokyo was a real pleasure to discover and a dream come true for a foodie. So many great flavors to try, whether it’s street food or fancy restaurants. Ingredients I didn’t enjoy much in Montreal were […]

  • Tokyo – Day 3, 4 and 5

    Day 3 Wired Café, hip café in Harajuku – Raw tuna salad Sushi restaurant in Harajuku Day 4 Thai Festival – Pad thai with dried baby shrimps Marugo Grande wine bar in Shinjuku-Sanchôme, down in their cellar Castella – Portuguese treat with a Japanese style Octopus balls in Shinjuku-Sanchôme – Tokyo’s poutine Day 5 Taiyaka […]

  • Tokyo – Day 1 and 2

    First post live from Tokyo and wow, I’m amazed. It’s my first time in Japan and all the good things I have heard from it are true. Walking the streets of Tokyo feels like a dream with every facet of the city making it even more exciting to discover.I feel so lucky to be here […]