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  • 6 Tips If You’re On A Cut

    6 Tips If You’re On A Cut

    2016 has been quite an interesting year for me. From January 1st up to today, I have been doing a whole lot of tests on my body with different types of training and dieting. But why?Four years ago, I joined a Crossfit box after a bad breakup which had me reach my heaviest weight. I […]

  • 2012 in Review

    Hey there! It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had the chance to come write here. It’s funny to come review the past year when my latest post is exactly that but 6 months ago. Things have changed a lot though and every time I think about 2012, I feel like all I did was work […]

  • How to stay healthy on a 10h+ flight or my health story

    I will be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina this Thursday for the first time. I meant to go many times but the traveling conditions and plane ticket prices always stopped me quite quickly. This time, I finally gave in because my girlfriend was already traveling there for work and it just made sense to meet […]