Getting Through Winter


Last year, I was 8 days away from jumping on a plane that would take me away to Bali. It’s become a tradition (& amazing perk) in my life to run away to warmer locations as the winter season settles in here. Because of a situation I wrote about in my previous post, I have to stay close to Montreal for an unclear duration this year.

While I can plan smaller & closer trips (see you in February New York 💖), I’m pretty much spending 95% of my time in the city during its coldest days. Even after living close to my whole life here, I can still say that I hate winter with a passion and no outdoor sport or activity will change my mind about it.

Still, I try to look at things positively:

  1. I get to see all my beautiful friends weekly.

  2. Work is super busy which means I’ll probably be able to afford one or two months off this year, if I need it.

  3. My training & nutrition routine are both on point, as I’m seeing some of the best results in my overall health since 2014/15.

On top of reminding myself of these wins, it’s important to keep my schedule busy so I don’t hide home for the rest of the winter.

I thought I would share a few activities that actually make me want to go out in this weather, in case you also need a few encouragements!


Stand Back

This monthly queer/female comedy show brought to you by Tranna Wintour, Rachel Gendron & Nancy Webb is not to be missed. It’s only $5/PWYC and the location itself is super inclusive. It also has a New York style pizza counter brought to you by Pizza Bouquet. There’s a show tonight and you can follow Tranna Wintour to not miss the next date!


This event happens every two months or so and it’s by far my favourite night in Montreal. A ridiculous movie is picked and 3 comedians join Tranna Wintour (yes, her again because she’s awesome) to comment on it. I’ve had the chance to rewatch Scream, Speed & Home Alone in a whole new way and I’ve never laughed so much! The next event is February 12th with The Wedding Planner and you can still reserve your seats.


Happening Gourmand

It’s time to treat yourself with all the 3-course meals you dream of. Happening Gourmand started earlier this month for its 12th edition. It’s the perfect way to venture out to Old Montreal & enjoy a hearty meal for as much as $29 (before taxes & tip). For me, it’s a great way to meet up with groups of friends I’ve been meaning to catch up with!

La Tournée du Chocolat Chaud

While you’re stuck walking in the freezing cold, make sure to stop by at one of the thirteen participating address for La Tournée du Chocolat Chaud. Until February 3rd, you’ll be able to enjoy an extra special hot chocolate and at the same time, support the amazing non-profit La Tablée des Chefs.

That’s all the inspiration I’ve got for you so far. Hope it helps!