Tokyo – Day 3, 4 and 5

Day 3

Wired Café, hip café in Harajuku – Raw tuna salad

Sushi restaurant in Harajuku

Day 4

Thai Festival – Pad thai with dried baby shrimps

Marugo Grande wine bar in Shinjuku-Sanchôme, down in their cellar

Castella – Portuguese treat with a Japanese style

Octopus balls in Shinjuku-Sanchôme – Tokyo’s poutine

Day 5

Taiyaka – Fish like pastry filled with chocolate sauce and banana

Lovely café that looks like a treehouse, with over 4 floors that need ladders to go up

Coleslaw Salad in gorgeous tree house café

Hearty eggplant gratin with rice underneath and cari in the gorgeous treehouse café






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