My 2018 Review



What a year 2018 has been… It feels like the past twelve months have been challenging everything that I know and have established in my life.

The year actually started on a high note with the most beautiful & healing solo trip for two months. But then, I came back home for a cancelled work contract. For months, I didn’t make any revenue and found myself living off savings I thought would never be touched.

Mid-year, once work got back to normal, it was my parents’ situation that got worse. I always feel weird about writing about this publicly but I also found that not keeping these things a secret does help. Just two weeks ago, I made a friend cry in a restaurant by simply giving her an update on what was happening with them.

Without getting into details, my parents have become physically codependent and none of them can be left alone. It’s been working for a while for them but my father’s health has been degrading to a point that this setup won’t last long in 2019. So, what’s to come? No clue at all, so yeah…

And then, should I bring up my almost non-existant dating life? Apps are the worst thing ever 🙃

BUT WAIT! This post has been emo enough for 2018. There are great things too that happened this year, I swear! It’s so important to take the time to write about it, and most importantly, celebrate each win:

My home

I moved into my new place at the end of June and it feels so nice to have my space again! I love being back in Griffintown and all the perks that I get with my place: a gym, an indoor & outdoor pool and a rooftop chalet to get work done. It all helps me keep a decent lifestyle while in Montreal and make a simple day a little bit nicer.

My company

Work has picked up this summer and hasn’t stopped since then. I started working with a bunch of new clients and it’s been super fun to deal with new challenges. I’ve met a lot of cool & passionate people because of that too. I think 2019 will be very busy and that’s why I’m already planning to take 1-2 months off to make sure I don’t forget to take care of myself.

I also really want to push my UX training to offer more of that to everyone that I work with already. It might be time for a boot camp in Toronto this spring!

My friends

I am so deeply thankful for all the close friendships that I get to have. I feel like my relationship with a lot of friends has grown tremendously over the past year. I’m also so excited about the new friendships I have made. People who know me know how awkward I can be at first so thanks for sticking by me until I could start being my true self around you 😂❤️

My family

As difficult as it can be dealing with both my parents being ill and needing support, I can’t imagine how the past year would have been if they would have stayed in Morocco. I would rather live this close to them than be far away and not have an idea of what is going on. It already happened with my mom years ago and I’m still recovering from that.

It’s been great to share moments with them, my sister & her cute little family. I love seeing my niece & nephew grow up and that I get to be their cool aunt. They still hug me publicly so I’m enjoying it until they get too cool to do that anymore.

Even with all the shitty things that happened in 2018, I can still say that I got to spend every day of the year the way I chose to and that’s huge. I have so many great memories of this year including getting my first stick & poke tattoo, going around on my little scooter in Asia with friends & driving myself to Prince Edward County like a big kid.

And now, I’m just excited to see where will 2019 take me!

Happy New Year everyone 🎉

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