5 Places I Visited In September & October In Montreal



It’s November guys, what the hell?! I’ll always remember my 435 (if you know what I’m referring to, you’re a true local!) math teacher’s tip: divide 365 days by your age and as you grow older, it will show how little time you’ve got in a year. Okay, as I write it, it doesn’t really make sense but it still does in my head 🙃 For this month’s list, I’ll be sharing a mix of places I revisited and new discoveries. Enjoy!


Oh, how I LOV this place. It’s not really the vegan side of the restaurant I enjoy but more all the gluten-free options they offer. I had my first good mac & cheese in years and also the best sweet potato gnocchi dish. There are so many delicious things to eat at one of their two locations and it’s hard to pick between the brunch and lunch/dinner menus.

Perles et Paddock

Mix one of the most beautiful restaurants in town with a solid selection of local beers and refined dishes that highlight our local ingredients and you get Perles et Paddock. Need I say more?

Libertine Bakehouse

Libertine Bakehouse always brings a smile to my face and quickly makes me forget about my no-gluten rule. There are no rules in this place, period. Now what makes me really sad is that they closed suddenly and have no official date for reopening. I hope everything gets back in order real quick so that we can all indulge again.


It took me a while to make it to TRAN Cantine but it was all worth it. I basically sampled half the menu as it sounded so delicious. The raw beef salad and rolls were my favorite and I’m planning to go back asap to try a banh mi. I could eat Vietnamese food every day <3

Crew Collectif & Café

Okay, I’m going to say something that might shock you. I am not a fan of Crew as a coworking space. 😱 Yes, the place is impressive but it’s so damn dark even on a sunny day! My mood and energy rely on how much daylight I can get so for everyone’s sake, we’re not a good match.

But before you start hating on me, one thing I love is the food aspect of this place. I stopped by last week and was able to pick a bunch of delicious items straight from Rhubarbe on top of a solid Americano like I am used to!

The kitchen also offers its own menu which sounds amazing (especially lately) if you want to get a bite there. The team behind the food seems to be having a blast and I am sure it shows on the plate.

That’s it for September & October!

See you next month and make sure to leave me a comment if you have something to add or want me to visit a new place.

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