6 Places I Tried in May & June in Montreal



Dispatch Coffee

This [not so] new Dispatch location brings a breath of fresh air to the Main with a pure but effective design. It’s become my go-to spot for coffee when I’m on the plateau and in between bus rides. They added small touches that make them stand out like offering a glass of sparkling water with your coffee order.

Station W

Station W was the last spot I got to try before moving out of the Verdun area. First off, I met the owner through a friend years ago and he happens to be the sweetest and most joyful person ever. The coffee shop has a great vibe and people of the neighbourhood seem to have made it their second home. It’s more than friendly to remote workers.

Le Kitchen

I’ve been meaning to check out Le Kitchen since the first day it opened. This small health food counter serves an array of bowls, salads and a meal of the day (which happens to be very cheap!). I brought a friend who recently moved to Griffintown and she was so surprised to discover this little corner on William Street. She automatically compared the vibe to being in Bushwick, Brooklyn so you know where to go if that’s your jam.

Try a peanut butter ball when you go, you won’t regret it other than ordering just one like I did :/

Venice MTL – Downtown

I tried the original Venice MTL located in Old Montreal about a year ago and it was a huge fail. To their defence, it was during their opening month but I never got around to going back.

When I heard they were opening a second location steps away from my office, I decided it was time to give it another chance and also see what they did with a downtown space. Well, I’m glad that I went because their poke bowls made a long way from the first one I tried. The plate was as delicious as it was beautiful! Now if they would just serve freshly made juices instead of bottled ones, they’d win extra points 😉


First of all, Junior looks damn cool and they even feature a back terrace. C2 Montréal was the perfect moment to try this restaurant and get away from the craziness. I ordered the chicken in coconut milk with a side of rice and ate it all by myself (they recommend sharing #lol). That rice is crazy good – no wonder when it seems to be mixed with pork fat  The only item I would not go back for is the papaya salad, which I normally love, but the specific flavour profile created by Junior was not what I look for.

Arthurs Nosh Bar

Oh, Arthurs! What a lovely visit it was. The restaurant looks beautiful and the menu is so exciting to me that I was already trying to plan my next visit to try more items. I ended up going for the Matzah soup, McArthur and glazed sprinkles cookie and I do not regret one single calorie. Mind you, the food was so filling that I ate the other half of my McArthur for dinner later on. It does get crazy busy in there so plan your visit during off hours or come coffee in hand to brave the lineup (I know, I hate lineups). They do have a summer terrace which helps unload the restaurant!

That’s it for today. I’m leaving for Vancouver for a while next week so I won’t have new Montreal lists for a while but expect to hear about the West Coast and Europe this Summer & Fall!


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