I Turn 32 Today



Instead of looking back on what I accomplished this year, I decided to share 32 random things on my mind these days.

1) I’m obsessed with Collagen.

There are so many benefits to it, including better-looking skin and easy protein to consume daily! I usually order this one when it’s close to $35 but I’m dreaming of owning the full product line from Vital Proteins!

2) Friends are a rare commodity.

Dealing with a lot of things at once this year, I looked for support from friends more than I ever needed to in the past. It made me realize that I don’t have many of those anymore — the ones that actually have time for you. This made me quite sad in the past few months. I’m still figuring this out.

3) I’m leaving for Vancouver in 3 weeks.

I booked an apartment for a month and I am so looking forward to it! I’m still not sure where I will be going after and for how long but I plan on being back in Montreal for all of September at least.

4) Macros are awesome!

Seriously, whenever I get off eating my macros, I feel lost nowadays. Even if I feel like eating crap all day, it still makes me acknowledge what I consumed and all the data helps me understand my body more and more.

5) I stress every day about not driving.

I hate that I got my permit last year and I hardly drove in the past year. I also hate that I feel zero confidence in going on the highway. A friend suggested I take driving outings with CAA and I was supposed to do that this month but surprise, the month is almost over and I haven’t had a minute to myself. I’m thinking of subscribing to car2go and just going for small drives here and in Vancouver. IDK.

6) My parents moved back here.

It makes me really happy even if it is a lot of work getting them settled. I’m also not used to talking on the phone daily. Not sure if my dad knows I hate being on the phone. <3

7) I love my job.

I truly wish this for everyone. I can’t complain about one single thing about my current freelancing life. I slow travel whenever I want to with my clients trusting me and not really caring about where I am anymore.

8) I don’t want kids…

But I feel like I could want them in the future which is so weird for me to say. Who am I? I’m getting a dog first for sure. Speaking of which, do you know Owen? He’s just the cutest dog in the world.

9) I miss having my own house.

I sold my condo back in February. I would have normally packed a suitcase and started travelling but I ended up staying in town to help with my parent’s move back here. Since March, I’ve been living with/at friends’ apartments and while I’m saving money, it sucks. I don’t mind living from a suitcase if I’m on new grounds but doing it in Montreal is just not fun. I can’t wait for my new condo to be ready to have a nest of my own again. It makes me realize that it’s totally worth paying for, even when I’m away.

10) The Apple Watch is awesome.

If you’re trying to be less on your phone, get a smartwatch! I mostly use my phone to text, take calls or go on Instagram. The rest happens on my wrist and it’s truly helping me have better habits. I also love the training & swimming tracking and how it tells me to take a deep breath when my heart rate seems low.

11) I started investing money this year.

I invest through WealthSimple and I like it. The more I learn about it though, I wish I could choose what I invest in. I might open a side account through another bank for fun and start my own portfolio. If you’re curious about investing, I attended #LadyInvestors once and it was great!

12) I’m more in love than I’ve ever been.

I’m not sure what it means when things are so unsure but it’s making me very humble. And it makes me feel alive.

13) I miss CrossFit so damn much.

The community, the workouts, the pain and the getting over being scared of a movement. I wish I could find a box that I could come and go to without paying hundreds of dollars. It’s definitely something I want back in my life once I settle.

14) There are 3 things I’ve been meaning to do and keep pushing back.

  • Try Standup Paddle Board.
  • Go to a SoulCycle class (maybe BCycle in Montreal is similar?).
  • Take a bouldering intro course.

Who wants to go with me? 🙂

15) I went to my first therapy session this year.

And it felt good even if quite difficult. I’ve always seen working out as my therapy but I have to admit that some things need to come out another way.

16) My summer song is:

Malibu by Miley Cyrus. Great comeback girl!

17) I turned into a huge introvert around 2012/13.

And I feel like I’m finally breaking out of that shell while keeping the parts of it that make me feel good. I’m still not into networking though.

18) I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram these days.

I know there’s a lot of potential with Instagram Stories if I put work into it (and it’s technically less work than writing articles or making YouTube videos) but I don’t want to be that person who spends her life talking to blank faces instead of making real-life connections. Ugh.

19) Speaking of which, did you know I have a YouTube Channel?

With a sad total of 33 subscribers, lol. But I’m really proud of the videos I made especially in the Travel Logs playlist!

20) I’m all about no waste these days.

It helps to not purchase random things since I don’t have a house lately but whenever I do, it’s to improve my everyday life. I got a bunch of golden metal straws in Toronto, the most beautiful white Hydro Flask mug from Amazon and a bunch of Stasher bags which is the best invention to replace Tupperware & ziplock bags!

21) I miss Tulum every day.

Staying there for a month last winter was so nice. The town (which most people do not even see) is lovely and I loved walking to all my favourite spots daily or jumping in a cheap cab to see the ocean whenever I was done with work. I want to see new places but I am also thinking of going back for the winter. Mmh…

22) Too many people drink bad coffee.

Yes, I am a coffee snob and I don’t understand why so many people settle for bad coffee. And that $6 almond latte you got from your favourite independent coffee shop isn’t better. If you can’t drink an espresso, americano or drip without adding crap to it, you don’t understand the beauty of coffee and how damn good it can be. Drip still remains my favourite way to drink mine.

23) But if you’re going to want a hot drink with mylk…

Find a place that makes golden milk. Might as well feed your body well while you enjoy something hot (and lattes don’t taste like coffee anymore).

24) I’m on a roll with the subject of drinks!

This leads me to talk about alcohol. A few years back, I was almost against it! In my case, it wasn’t because I lost control or it made me feel sick but simply because I felt like it was working against getting good results at the gym. Nowadays, with the help of macros, I simply look at it like food. I shouldn’t have too much of it but can still enjoy it if I have the budget. I’m enjoying wine again weekly and I love it!

25) I really wish I could delete my Facebook…

But my job is to know about the latest development in sites like these. I think it would be life-changing though. It would force me to reach out to people in person, read real news more often and care about real-life memories like photos.

26) I’m obsessed with Kiehl’s products!

Kiehl’s, please sponsor me, okay? No, but seriously, I use all of these lately and I get amazing results: Amino Acid Shampoo, Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner, Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash and Ultra Facial Toner. This makes me realize I should maybe start writing articles about what I use daily.

27) I haven’t run one single day in 2017.

It’s good news that I’m moving two blocks away from Stanley Park in Vancouver in 3 weeks!

28) People, including family members, always ask why?

Why are you leaving town for so long to be somewhere else? Do you have a contract? Do you have meetings? Are people really asking me why I am leaving my hometown when I can travel anywhere in the world whenever I feel like it? WHY NOT!

29) I can’t stand most media events these days.

Don’t get me wrong, some events are awesome and I am so happy to share what I discovered or experienced with people after. But a lot of events suck including the food but all the bloggers still rave about it on their blogs and social media accounts because all they want is free shit. I never signed up to be a blogger to get free stuff in exchange. I just wanted my voice heard and if it can help or inspire someone, then good. So stop promoting things that are not good! Have some self-respect.

30) I’m so excited that cannabis will be legal in Canada!

Business-wise, there are a lot of opportunities in both investment and entrepreneurship. Fun-wise, I like the stuff from time to time and products that do not require burning your lungs come out by the minute!

31) Oh yeah, maybe I should talk about…

How do I feel getting older? I really don’t see a difference. Like every other year, I have personal and professional goals and I’m just working on getting them done. Who has time to think about their age in 2017?

32) I’m not gonna lie…

This was painful to do ðŸ˜‚. I’m definitely going back to my yearly review next time.

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2 responses to “I Turn 32 Today”

  1. Khalifa

    Vraiment top ton article Sofia! Je suis vraiment content que tout se passe bien pour toi! En espérant que ça continue comme ça!

    1. Merci Khalifa! J’espère que tout va bien avec toi aussi.Au plaisir de te voir bientôt 🙂