5 Places I Tried In April In Montreal



I am back with five new places I tried in April <3

La Habanera

I noticed La Habanera while walking back to the office because it looked so beautiful inside! A week later, I returned with friends to have multiple mojitos and yes, some food to go along 😉

You can either order à la carte or have them create a sample menu for you. However, I found it way more generous and cheaper to simply order what you wanted. I tried the Papaya Salad and the Creole Chicken, which were both delicious!


I fell in love with Darling at first sight! It’s funny how all the IGers have been sharing photos of the ceiling when it’s just one detail among dozens in that location. Everything is just on point, even the unisex restrooms!

Darling is a café by day [with all the pastries] and a bar by night [with all the appetizers]. The place gives a French bistro vibe and is so generous in space that it is quite hard to end up waiting for a seat.

I worked with my laptop at the beautiful round bar and couldn’t resist having a pint of cider while I wrote an article (how cliché) and people watched.

Café Saint-Henri Verdun

I moved to a friend’s place back in March, which happens to be quite far. However, I’m a hardcore optimist so I saw it as a chance to try as many places in neighbourhoods Verdun and Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Café Saint-Henri, which I know from (duh) Saint-Henri and Marché Jean-Talon opened a location on the fun Wellington Street. What really sets them apart from their other Montreal locations is the bakery they share their address with: Sweet Lee’s.

I like the concept of grabbing a coffee and then picking your sweet or savoury dish to go along with it. Just make sure to not go on a Monday like I did the first time. The bakery is closed!

Cacao 70 Factory

I wrote about The Factory quite recently but it still needs to make it in my April list because I can’t wait to go back.

On top of being a beautiful and inspiring location to work from (👋 freelancers), the fact that you get to eat some of the freshest and local chocolate in town makes it a win-win in my book.


Last but not least, I finally tried Moleskine, brought to you by the team behind beloved Pullman.

First of all, you must know that the restaurant has two levels with two different menus. The first floor is all about being playful with pizza while the second floor aims to give you a fine dining experience — which seems to have pleased all the local press.

I ended up trying the pizza menu and it was so good! I know we have tons of pizza places that opened in the past few years but I found the crust quite different from my go-to’s (Gema and Magpie) and the wine that I was able to pair it with set my evening apart from a regular pizza dinner.

Let me know what you think of these five addresses if you tried them too!

See you next month 😉

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