A Fine Day In Saint-Joseph-du-Lac



It might be hard to believe with the amazing summer weather we still have daily but fall is about to start in 3 days. I just love this crisp season as there are so many reasons to get out of town, like going apple picking! My favourite area for this type of activity is definitely around Saint-Joseph-du-Lac which has tons of orchards but also La Maison Lavande and Quebec’s wildest sugar shack, La Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon.

I spent a good part of my day there yesterday and the 3 stops that follow made it quite a successful day!

Stop #1: Verger et Cidrerie Lacroix

The first stop was at Verger Lacroix. I chose this orchard because I was sure it was the one I had visited two years ago. I ended up being wrong but it was still fun to discover a new place. It is also fantastic for children, which my niece and nephew would confirm.

I like that they announce on their Facebook page what apples are available for each weekend, in case you are looking for something specific! I highly recommend the fresh apple donuts at the snack counter 😉


Our second stop was at this tiny pie shop I discovered earlier this summer. All the pies look fantastic but the real reason to visit is their apple bread. If you stop by during the weekend, chances are you’ll get a hot loaf to go. Compared to the ones found at orchards, this one looks more like an apple fritter from the outside but is light and soft on the inside.

I totally made a grilled cheese with this bread this summer and it’s on my to-do list this week again!

Stop #3: Le Centre d’interprétation de la courge

I was so happy to get back to this place after two years. If you like to cook with squash, you’ll find yourself in paradise! This center holds a restaurant, bar, shop, bakery and squash field so you can pick them yourself. There is also an area describing each squash, including information on where each type is from.

We were pretty hungry for a real meal on our arrival so we decided to check out the restaurant. I ended up ordering the Oranghetti with meat sauce, which came accompanied by fresh squash chips. I also tried a rosé wine made on-site because they also happen to have vineyards! The food was satisfying and it was cool to have live music while eating.

After, we hopped on the tractor to reach the squash field and took a nice walk around. I ended up buying 2 oranghetti, 1 spaghetti and 1 smallghetti for $9. The prices are similar to what you may find in town but the difference is that the price is based on quantity and not weight. So the bigger you go, the more you end up getting a great price.


I hope these 3 locations inspired you to a future visit! Let me know if you end up going or if you think I’m missing out on a place in that area!

Enjoy the upcoming sweater season everyone 😉

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