Five Reasons To Drive To Hudson



1) It’s only a 45min drive from the Plateau

Talk about the perfect day road trip!

2) There’s a trendy coffee shop, perfect to grab lunch & a drink

We fell in love with Mikko, plus they sell Kaito coffee beans which is what’s being served at Crew.

3) There are some really cool shops to check out

Including Clarence & Cripps, Life in Linen and 2 Barn Owls.

4) The Finnegan’s Market on Saturdays is so much fun!

As it features a mix of modern and old, I even found beautiful Turkish towels by Lualoha.

5) Driving around is a treat

There are so many beautiful houses to spot by the water all around and you can also park at the Jack Layton park to picnic by the water or hike through the forest to the small beach.

Bonus: I made a video about it

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