It’s time for my One Year Older post!



28. Man, time passes too fast the older you get. This is a quick post but I really wanted to recap on my goals from the previous year before setting up new goals for this one. I’ve taken on a new challenge with the 10k running app. I’ve never been a fan of running but I’ve always felt bad for not enjoying one of the most accessible sports that exists. With the app and my gorgeous neighbourhood, I made it my goal to complete the 10k challenge and start running a on regular basis after.

I don’t run that much anymore with the app but I am starting my 9th month at Crossfit! I joined back in October and it filled a void that I had with sports. I love everything about Crossfit: the WODs (including the running!), the community, the paleo diet… I now go 4 times a week and have officially lost 20 pounds while taking on muscle.  

I also heard about the Spartan Race challenge a little too late this year but I really want to do the 5k next year. I find that it is a good mix of training and running and it will be an awesome experience. 

I did it in May! It was freaking awesome and I think I will register again next year. I did the 5k in the mountains and it was a wonderful experience. There are a lot of things that I didn’t think I would be able to do and it just proved how more comfortable I am with my body and strength!

Getting my scuba diving international certification 

I did the course but never finished it for the certification. I realized that just like in planes, my ears were very sensible in water and it wasn’t enjoyable. I decided to stick to snorkelling for now!

Getting my driving license

Nope. Still, something I wish to do.

Going surfing for the first time in a beautiful location

Oh that I did! I went surfing in Long Beach Island, New Jersey and I loved it! I didn’t get up on the board but I caught a few waves. It’s my plan to go back again this year and see how much I can improve!

To this day, I still haven’t had the chance to do an iPhone or iPad application and I’m really running behind. 

Not yet.

I am in the process of writing the first eBook that I will release on this blog. As a start, I’m going to go with a technical subject but it should help a lot of you with your online businesses. I can’t wait to complete it and get the feedback from everyone. I’m not a writer and my first language is not English so here’s a double challenge for me!

Not yet.

I want to do at least one conference by myself by the end of the year. I do a lot of consulting in person or over the phone but I’m still very shy in front of large groups. 

Not yet.

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