One Year Older!



resolution is a commitment that a person makes to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habit.

Today is my 27th birthday.

For many years, I just couldn’t wait to get older and be taken more seriously. Now that I am, I’ve moved on to a different feeling on my birthday that most of my friends find ridiculous. I get worried that I’m not achieving enough for my age and experience and I tend to compare myself to younger and more creative entrepreneurs. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do and here’s why.


I think it helps to build a solid list of resolutions for a new personal year which really make more sense to plan than on January 1st (unless it’s your birthday!), hungover as hell.

Seeing what has been done by others inspires me and gives me a good sense of direction on what I wish to achieve myself. It’s a good day to review what I did in the past 12 months and how I feel about it. Am I on the right path or is there something stopping me?

What did I get done?

I started this blog because I felt that with my portfolio and my other food-related blog, I still didn’t have my voice! I still don’t have the habit to write on a regular basis but every time I find time for it, I realize how much I need this and I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you all.

I accepted a partnership and title at WedAccount, a promising start-up that will launch by the end of the summer. I get to learn about starting an online business and its challenge with a group of amazing and passionate partners.

In the next 12 months…

So what are my resolutions for this new year? I have so many whether it’s personal or career-related.

Personal Resolutions

I’ve taken on a new challenge with the 10k running app. I’ve never been a fan of running but I’ve always felt bad for not enjoying one of the most accessible sports that exists. With the app and my gorgeous neighbourhood, I made it my goal to complete the 10k challenge and start running a on regular basis after.

I also heard about the Spartan Race challenge a little too late this year but I really want to do the 5k next year. I find that it is a good mix of training and running and it will be an awesome experience. I have already found people interested in creating a team together and support groups are the best for this!

Some more goals on my bucket list:

  • Getting my scuba diving international certification
  • Getting my driving license [No comments! I grew up in a city made for walking and biking!]
  • Going surfing for the first time in a beautiful location

Career Resolutions

To this day, I still haven’t had the chance to do an iPhone or iPad application and I’m really running behind. As soon as I launch the WedAccount website which is taking most of my time, I will concentrate on building our first application linked to e-Commerce.

I am in the process of writing the first eBook that I will release on this blog. As a start, I’m going to go with a technical subject but it should help a lot of you with your online businesses. I can’t wait to complete it and get the feedback from everyone. I’m not a writer and my first language is not English so here’s a double challenge for me!

I want to do at least one conference by myself by the end of the year. I do a lot of consulting in person or over the phone but I’m still very shy in front of large groups. I actually organized a big training day for the company where I work. We were about 15-20 people and I did 3 presentations. The first one was a bit messy since I tend to speak very fast when I’m nervous but I was finally able to be myself at the last one. Now I just need to reach that level of confidence each time.

A good birthday

I started this post 2 days ago and I’m finishing it now. I started my birthday by analyzing the past year but don’t worry, I spent the rest of the week-end enjoying every moment of my birthday with friends and family and many times!

I went to my favourite restaurant in town, spent some time with my nephew, did a beach day with a lot of friends and did an improvised second dinner party after enjoying ice cream next to the water.

How do you guys live your birthday? Do you like to review your achievements or do you only look forward?

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