Yamo in San Francisco



Yamo is the kind of restaurant you will only discover in San Francisco if a friend leads you there. Not that it’s hard to locate, standing right in the middle of the hip Mission District, it’s just not the kind of place people would stop for. The restaurant is very small, with only about 10 to 12 stools on a long counter facing the ladies cooking. There’s nothing fancy about the location and it can get noisy.

There’s always a line up outside and it’s usually easier to show up by yourself to not wait. It’s also the kind of restaurant where it’s totally cool to eat alone and just enjoy what you’ve been served.

People eat fast, pay cash and leave their places to people waiting on the street.

The menu they developed is made up of some Thai dishes I had never heard of before and fell in love with. Their dishes are quite spicy but so well-balanced that it seems to be appreciated by everyone.

I have to admit that I’ve never tried their chef selections but I did see their Wok skill and I am sure that it’s all delicious.

On my side, I’ve been going each time I visit and more than once during a stay because of their salads and soups. The tea salad and the mango salad explode with flavours and their chicken noodle soup eases it all.

Next time you visit San Francisco, don’t miss out on this great culinary experience. Sit in their kitchen and watch the awesome chemistry they’ve built over the years. I swear you won’t be disappointed.

Yamo 3406 18th Street San Francisco, CA 94110-1725, United States (415) 553-8911

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