Web Developer

With over 10 years of experience in front-end web development and a background in web programming, I'm the key to solidifying your website. I work with top agencies, new startups and business owners alike for any type of front-end development needs including working with proprietary CMS tools.

Consulting and Strategy

Got a winning idea that needs to go online asap but not sure about how to get things started? I can meet you for one or as many sessions needed and figure out the best strategy based on your profile. Not everyone needs a custom website and not everyone will be satisfied with Shopify, it's about knowing when and what to use at the right time.

Team Leading

Got a team of front-end developers but no senior to lead your startup project? I can come in for the necessary time and set up standards that will be teached to your employees so they can take over either after a beta or full launch.

CMS Theme Creation

Looking to stand out with a custom theme either on Magento or Wordpress? I can base myself on a few mockups and make your site look as sharp as David's Tea (yes, they're on Magento!).


My first job coming out of college in 2005 was to send out bi-weekly newsletters to 1 million subscribers for Future Shop and Best Buy. Needless to say, I get how newsletters work and am not scared of pressing the button. Over the past year, I've been helping out top brands switching their static newsletters to responsive layouts and CRM-based campaigns.