Content Creator

Montreal State

I started Montreal State in September 2009 after realizing that I had a real passion for food and wine and that I should share it online. It’s been an ongoing learning process for me, from the step of creating a new blog (well, that was easy) to creating a base of readers that goes up each month.

Since summer 2014, the blog has taken a name (previously Food and Drinks in Montreal) and lifestyle change to offer content on the subjects that are close to my heart. With over 4000 followers just on Twitter, I can say that I have created a brand that highlights Montreal in every way.

YouTube Channel

As a long time blogger, I do realize that the best media to communicate has already shifted to videos. It's quite impressive to see the viewing data that just a few vloggers can bring in by posting daily videos. This is why I created my own YouTube Channel which is just really an exciting experiment while I find my voice.